Getting Our Madden 25 eBooks Ready

We are already in the process of preparing our Madden 25 eBooks.  A lot of time and research goes into each ebook from scouting out playbooks, to finding the best route combinations, and unique routes.

As we prepare for the Madden 25 season, we are humbled to know that our fans are so passionate that they are already looking for strategy guides and ebooks for this year’s Madden NFL game.

Check back in late August to get a hold of on of our Madden 25 eBooks.

Madden 12 Defensive Lockdown eBook

This is hands down one of our best madden ebooks of all time. Those of you who are loyal madden school members know that is quite an accomplishment. The beauty of this guide is that you don’t have to have some great defense in order to use it. You could use the best team in madden 12 or the worst team and you will still give your opponent fits. And it is only $24.99!

In Madden 12, the offensive line blocks better than ever before, but that didn’t stop us from making our best defensive ebook of all time. If you watch the promo video above, you will see just a few of the insane defenses that get instant pressure with only 4-6 men blitzing. All of our plays are filmed in HD on all-madden difficulty level, so you know that they will work even better against the default all-pro skill level online and in tournaments.

The Defensive Lockdown eBook for Madden 12 will make your opponents go crazy. When you pick up madden nfl 12, why not already have a dominant defense? Don’t waste time in practice mode or racking up losses online. We aren’t going to give you a big sales pitch. If you are serious about madden and you watched the promo video, you would be crazy not to invest in our defensive lockdown eBook. Start dominatimg your opponents today for only $24.99!


Madden 11 Pro Gamer Defensive Guide

For our newest Madden 11 guide, madden-school is pleased to announce that it was written by Big Game James. If you don’t know who Big Game James is, then you are either very new to madden or you have lived under a rock for the last 5 years. He is widely considered as one of the greatest madden gamers of all time.

Play Like A Pro Gamer Today! Only $24.99

Here are just a few of his achievements:
MWS National Champion in 2004
Cleveland Madden Challenge Champion 2006
2 time Players Bowl Champion 2006
Ultimate Players Bowl Champion 2006
4 time LAB Tournament Champion 2009
Baltimore Madden Challenge Champion 2009

For only $24.99, you get to run the defense created by a man who has traveled around the country for the last 8 years making money by beating the best madden players in the world.

The Madden 11 Oakland Defensive Strategy Guide is complete with 9 chapters filled with coverage plays, nanos, and the best run stopper I have ever seen. You can use the concepts in this guide with any defensive playbook and any of the 32 NFL teams. Also, Big Game James throws in his 5 audibles that he actually runs, free of charge.

Madden 11 Defensive eBook has released its first defensive strategy guide for Madden 11. This is an eBook you will not want to pass up. We have something for everyone. Run stoppers, max coverage plays, man/zone blitz combos, and, of course, nanos. Below are actual video clips from our Madden 11 Denver Broncos Defensive eBook:

Get Yours Now For Only $24.99!!!

Formations covered in this eBook:

  1. 3-4 Normal
  2. 3-4 Under
  3. 3-4 Over
  4. 3-4 Solid (You will love this formation, once you learn to use it correctly)
  5. Nickel Normal
  6. Nickel 1-5-5 Prowl
  7. Nickel 3-3-5 (Another great formation)
  8. Quarter Combo

You can get your copy and start dominating your opponents from day 1 of Madden season. We have been working hard trying to find the best formations, and defenses for you. Whether you like the 3-4 or not, the concepts learned in this ebook can be carried with you to any defense, however you are unlikely to use any other playbook after you see the tricks we have in the New England defensive playbook. Don’t wait! eBooks get sent directly to your email after checkout. You can start dominating your opponents in as little as a few minutes!

Get your copy now! Only $24.99!!!

Madden 11 eBook Released!

The Denver Broncos Offensive eBook is undoubtedly our best ever. You can use this offensive eBook with any of the 32 teams in Madden 11. We tested it online, offline, and against all-madden defense. Oh and did we mention it is the size of 2 ebooks? Imagine trying to defend against an opponent who has over 40 plays in his arsenal that all work consistantly. It would be impossible. You will be giving your opponent nightmares.

The Madden 11 Denver Broncos Offensive eBook Includes:

  1. 41 Money Plays
  2. 41 High Definition Videos
  3. Full Written Breakdowns including pre-snap adjustments, reads, and play overview
  4. 12 Unique Chapters
  5. No need to be good with the strategy pad, we have plenty of plays that work with minimal adjustments
  6. Our professional suggestions for your 5 audibles

Buy Now for only $24.99

Whether you like to run, pass or do a little bit of both this eBook will have you lighting the scoreboard up. Get a jump on the competition. This is the first real strategy based ebook out for Madden 11! This ebook will have you winning money games, sim leagues, freestyle tournaments, and everything in between. This isn’t your every day offense, these are plays that consistantly work time after time against any coverage.

Our staff has been hard at work (literally going without sleep) for the last week finding the best plays in this year’s game. We set out to make a regular sized ebook (15-20 plays) but the great plays just kept coming and coming, so we ended up with a double ebook.

Featured Formations:

  1. Singleback Jumbo Z
  2. Singleback Flip Trips (An Amazing Formation)
  3. Shotgun Gator Heavy (Hidden Money Play Inside)
  4. Shotgun Split Bronco
  5. Shotgun Doubles Flex
  6. Shotgun Normal Y-Flex
  7. Shotgun Trips (Very hard to stop)
  8. Shotgun Bunch Wk (Even harder to stop)
  9. Shotgun Snugs Flip (Impossible to stop)
  10. Shotgun Empty Spread

Oh and here is the good news…we are selling this double eBook for the price of only 1 eBook!!!

I don’t know if you have checked the date but we are releasing it before Madden 11 is even available to the public. Get a head start on the competition! Win your local tournament for a free copy of Madden 11. Don’t waste time after you get the game in practice mode. (We spent over 100 hours this last week doing that for you)

You can get your copy delivered instantly to your email for only $24.99!!!

Get it before Madden 11 is released so you have time to study all 40+ plays!!!

Madden 10 Offensive eBook

We have now released an ebook for the tampa bay offensive playbook for madden 10. And for the first week it is for the holiday price of only $18.99.

Please take a look at 2 sample videos from our unbumpable routes section:

Play: Gun Doubles- PA Slot Post


1. Cancel the play action/ block your halfback
2. Send your tight end on a drag route
3. Motion your right outside wide receiver left and snap when he starts moving


1.The right outside receiver’s route is now unbumpable, and he darts past his defender. Lead pass up to him. If you opponent is nanoing with bump and run coverage, this play usually results in a touchdown.
2. Your second read is your tight end on the drag route, but you really won’t need him most of the time.

Play Singleback Bunch- Pa Draw Pass


1. Cancel Play Action
2. Motion your outside bunch receiver out towards the sideline


1. Once again this is an unbumpable route vs both zone and man to man defenses as shown in the video. Quick lead pass up to your wide receiver that you sent in motion for a big gain.

Hope you enjoyed our free preview. Be the first to purchase and get an email sent instantly to you and start dominating your opponents today for only $18.99

This eBook is our first offensive ebook of the year and we choose to do it from a completly unknown playbook. Instead of rushing out an ebook as fast as we could, we choose to take our time and give you the best product available on the internet for the lowest price.

But why would we make an ebook on a playbook that is 100% unknown? Simple because nobody will have ever seen this scheme before making your offense undefendable and 10 times more effective. Also, we plan on limiting our sales to ensure that not everyone online and in tourneys is running this scheme. This way loyal madden eBook members will have the advantage over everyone else.


This is the only ebook on the internet that was created specifically for the second patch. All other ebooks you may have are out dated and many plays will not work anymore!

Our tampa bay offensive playbook eGuide contains:

8 consistently great run plays
24 pass plays
5 plays with completely unbumpable secret routes
Man beaters
Zone beaters

If you use a team with a great wide receiver (patriots, texans, colts, cardinals, lions, Chargers, Saints, Packers etc) you need this ebook.

We show you how to crush cover 2, cover 3, Cover 4, zone nanos, man nanos, fag D. All for under 20 dollars.

Most ebooks with videos contain at most 15 plays as you experienced ebook buyers know. Our contains over 30. Our eBook has high definition videos, most ebooks, if they have videos at all are hard to see, laggy, and choppy.

Now you will not even have to wait once you order our ebook, right after your purchase, you will receive an email with instructions on how you access your ebook.

By purchasing your ebook, you are helping support  They have given out over $650 dollars in prizes this year alone in tournaments, leagues, and contests. Your purchases allows us to keep giving back to the Madden Community by hosting these free events with cash payouts.

Free Carolina Offensive eBook users can now download a good amount of our carolina ebook compliments of bigbuddah and eggzovereazy over at

PC users:

Carolina Offensive Mini Ebook

Mac Users:

Carolina Offensive Mini Ebook

This is one of the best relatively unknown playbooks in the game. If you like to run the football definatly give this guide a look.


46 Defense Ebook-Madden 10

Our 46 Ebook is now finished.  It is yours for only $19.99.  This ebook is only for pc users.  (sorry mac people)

Each Ebook Includes:

  • High Quality videos
  • Written breakdowns of every play and tip.
  • The most effective defensive tip in the game
  • How to turbo blitz
  • How to nano with as little as 4 defenders

This guide is truly a must have.  If you have ever had trouble stopping your opponents offense, you have suffered too much.  This guide is built for tournament players, online players, and madden baller’s who play for money.  Whatever level of madden you play, this guide will help you.

As a one time special, if you buy the 46 Ebook, we will through in Buddah’s Guide to the Compression Offense  (A comprehensive look at bunch and tight formations) 100% free.


 Note:  Because of increased ebook theft, we have upgraded our security system. Once you buy and download the ebook, you will need to email with the user number you are given. You will receive a reply back with your free compression guide and your registration number so you can access the ebook

Madden 10 Advanced Tips and Strategies Guide

Madden 10 Advanced Tips and Strategies Guide will be available within the first week off the August 14th release.  The Advanced Tips and Strategies Guide will be a mini ebook and will include 5-10 of the most effective plays, hints, and defences in Madden 10.

The Advanced Tips and Strategies Guide will include

  • Full Length Videos
  • Screenshots and Pictures
  • A breakdown of why the play works and the concept behind it.
  • A list of reads and pre-snap adjustments
  • 5-10 of the best plays in the madden 10

I don’t believe we mentioned that it will be 100% free.  Yes thats right.  We will provide a mini ebook for you to enjoy and to look over completly free of charge.  Just our way of saying thank you for visiting the site.

We have teamed up with in order to provide you with the best madden tips and strategies possible.  Please check out their tips and forums as well.

You can download it here: